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Free White Paper: a new approach to protecting mission-critical assets from cyberattacks.

Posted on 08-Oct-2018 09:51:26

Darktrace Industrial enables organisations to de-risk their operations

More than ever, the issue of cyber security is a vital consideration for any industry that oversees and controls mission-critical assets. In the transport security sphere, keeping digital systems protected to a level that prevents illegal access from hackers isn’t just a data protection issue  it can also affect financial and passenger safety too. Transport Security World has covered incidents that came to light both of which are both notable examples of what can happen, such as the cyberattack on Danske Statsbaner, which prevented the Danish train operator from selling tickets, and the Trojan-style attack on A.P. Moller-Maersk, which wiped $300m from the shipping giant's balance sheet.

It’s clear that industries looking to protect their assets now must match the determination – and increasing sophistication – of hackers with new approaches. Alarmingly, the pervasive nature of cyber-attacks has been felt by many of the organisations protecting this vital infrastructure, with 67% of companies having experienced at least one cyber-attack in the last year. Helping to fight those statistics, Darktrace Industrial has released a free White Paper detailing the system that has been co-developed by University of Cambridge mathematicians, which uses self-learning artificial intelligence (AI) technology to detect and nullify threats before they get a chance to cause damage.

Darktrace Industrial - White Paper

As Darktrace Industrial explains in this free-to-download White Paper, monitoring complex networks needs to start from a complete understanding of what is normal for each unique environment, in order to recognise anomalous activity which indicates vulnerabilities and emerging threats

Download the white paper now to learn how artificial intelligence is used to defend operational environments, and how Darktrace’s Industrial Immune System can provide full visibility across your infrastructure. 

Originally hosted on our sister title, SmartRail World, Transport Security World now provides free access to the document that's so relevant to both communities in their fights against cyber crime.

Download the Darktrace Industrial  White Paper now.


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