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Watch: China opens Hong Kong-Zhuhai bridge – the world’s longest sea crossing.

Posted on 23-Oct-2018 11:18:18

Hong Kong-Zhuhai bridgeChinese state media has this morning released a video showing the world’s latest incredible feat of engineering: a 34-mile bridge that is now the longest ever sea crossing on the planet. Opened by the Chinese premier, President Xi Jinping, the crossing that links the Chinese territory of Hong Kong with the mainland via Macau has been built to withstand the most fierce climactic conditions, including earthquakes and typhoons, and has used 400,000 tonnes of steel to make it. The £15.3 billion bridge has been nine years in the making.


Remarkably, a four-mile section of the bridge also goes underwater, travelling under two specially constructed artificial islands to allow the busy Pearl River delta shipping to continue undisturbed. As a result of the bridge being built – part of China’s commitment to create a Greater Bay Area comprising Hong Kong Macau and nine other cities in the region – the journey time between Zhuhai and Hong Kong has been slashed from four hours to just 30 minutes. A toll bridge, private shuttle buses will traverse the bridge and a special permit is required to cross the bridge – with a modest number of 9,200 vehicles estimated to cross the bridge everyday, according to authorities.


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