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The World Economic Forum report to tackle cybersecurity – one of modern era's 'most pressing' threats.

Posted on 15-Jan-2018 15:39:19

World Economic Forum, Cyber Resilience Playbook for Public- Private Collaboration"The forum has led discussions on this topic since 2012 and this year will be inaugurating the Global Cyber Centre as a platform to continue advancing cyber resilience."

The international body set-up to improve the world’s economic standing has published a document to help streamline the process behind "one of the most pressing challenges" facing  the modern era: cybersecurity.

The World Economic Forum’s Cyber Resilience Playbook for Public-Private Collaboration documents the “key issues and policy positions” around cybersecurity and resilience to help leaders develop a baseline understanding on the major issues involved. 

The five values underpinning the document

The 72-page report, released on September 12, is part of the organisation’s plan to encourage those involved to agitate for a move past what it called absolute and rigid positions to a more open, action-oriented discussions. Adding context to the document, the World Economic Forum listed 14 key policy topics that populate the policy landscape in the area of cybersecurity and resilience:

1. Research, data and intelligence sharing 8. Encryption
2. Zero-days 9. Cross-border data flows
3. Vulnerability liability 10, Notification requirements
4. Attribution 11. Duty of assistance
5. Botnet disruption 12. Active defence
6. Monitoring 13. Liability thresholds
7. Assigning national information security roles                   14. Cyberinsurance

Writing in the document’s preface, Cheryl Martin member of the managing board, said that cyber-risk continues to be “one of the most pressing challenges accompanying the Fourth Industrial Revolution” (the name given to the fourth major industrial era since the Industrial Revolution of the 18th century) and it was important to build a digital future that is “sustainable, inclusive and trustworthy”.

Cheryl Martin, World Economic Forum“Leaders across the public and private sectors appreciate that mitigating this risk
requires continued collaboration. The Forum has led discussions on this topic since 2012 and this year will be inaugurating the Global Cyber Centre as a platform to continue advancing cyber resilience,” wrote Martin.

The World Economic Forum, famed for its annual meeting in Davos that brings together politicians, leaders and thousands of the companies from around the world to address the most pressing economic problems of the day, said that the Playbook document was created to guide intra-state public-private collaboration against the risks posed by an increasingly joined-up and digital world. One of the ways in which the forum suggested that could be done was to connect the policy to values, thereby discouraging polarisation and to “move beyond the rhetorical simplicity of prioritising one value over all others”.

The forum put together the document with the help of the Boston Consulting Group for its leadership and the Expert Working Group, also calling on support of a number of cybersecurity leaders across multiple communities across industries and sectors.

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