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Security in Asia Pacific and Japan: an interview with Dell EMC's Andrew Hubble.

Posted on 27-Nov-2017 16:08:20
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"Safety and security now touch every industry, from government level through to small business and domestic users. Dell EMC’s key markets are usually in the government sector, particularly in safe cities, border protection and transportation."

The safety and security of the world’s transport networks are subjects that underpin Transport Security World and we are always on the lookout for comment and insight from companies and individuals working in this space. We have teamed up with our media partners for our Transport Security & Safety Expo, SecuritySolutionsWatch.com, to bring you an interview from them with Andrew Hubble from Dell EMC about the company’s work in one specific market: Asia Pacific and Japan. As you will read, Andrew gave some fascinating insights into how he began working in the security industry, why Dell EMC is well-placed to help provide surveillance and security expertise and the company’s plans for the future.

Andrew Hubble, Dell EMC.jpgSecuritySolutionsWatch.com (SSW): Thank you for joining us today, Andrew [pictured right]. Before we discuss the current security environment in Asia Pacific and Japan (APJ), please tell us about your background.

Andrew Hubble (AH): My introduction to the safety and security industry commenced when I joined my brother’s System Integration Company, IVS, as general manager back in 1993. IVS was a successful ‘Physical Security SI’ company competing against the multinational SIs for enterprise and commercial security business in Australia. It provided a solid grounding and interaction with large customers, security vendors and the IT channel during the evolution of the security industry from analogue to digital technology. The business was eventually sold to an international listed security company and I moved to Asia to set up the company’s Asian footprint.

After some years I was asked by the German company Dallmeier and their Asian distributor, CR Kennedy, to establish the Dallmeier Asian business and, subsequently, to set up offices in Hong Kong, Macau and Singapore. The business was very successful, particularly in the casino market where Macau was just starting to boom with the first of its large American Casino companies in establishing their Macau Casino. I helped win business in the Venetian group, Wynn, and the Crown City of Dreams Casinos. These were some of the largest video surveillance deployments in the world at the time and with the evolution of IT technology, the convergence of security and IT data traffic was now possibly on the same network – 4,500 cameras streaming constantly in HD on the same network as the lighting, IT traffic, point of sale data, entry controls and the alarm, intercom, and music systems.

Macau casino.jpgThe world financial crisis slowed development in the casino industry around the same time that Cisco was delving into the world of physical security and I joined Cisco to develop their APAC business, based in Hong Kong as Cisco physical security general manager APAC. I moved back to Australia in 2013 and joined EMC to lead the APJ Physical Security team which had surged to #1 in enterprise storage globally. With the Dell EMC (@DellEMC) merger earlier this year, our team, along with the opportunities in physical security have expanded rapidly and I’m fortunate to currently be leading the safety and security practice for Dell EMC in APJ.

(SSW): CNN recently reported that terrorism is a growing threat in APJ. What is your perspective, Andrew, regarding the current security environment and market drivers for Dell EMC solutions in your region?

(AH): Terrorism in certain countries in Asia has certainly focused governments and enterprise to review their own safety and security methods to protect the public, staff and critical infrastructure and how to improve current practice. Convergence and collaboration of multiple safety and security technology combined with Big Data analytics are needed to leverage technology in the battle against terrorism in APJ. This provides both challenges and opportunities for Dell EMC as we can provide thought leadership in the technology challenges while also being the catalyst for all of the different technology partners that operate in this space.

(SSW): What are your key target markets in APJ?

Andrew Hubble: Safety and security now touch every industry, from government level through to small business and domestic users. Dell EMC’s key markets are usually in the government sector, particularly in safe cities, border protection and transportation. Large commercial and enterprise business are also key users of Dell EMC infrastructure in their safety and security needs.

Ken Mills, general manager of Dell EMC surveillance and security.jpg(SSW): We had the pleasure of chatting recently with Ken Mills, general manager of Dell EMC surveillance and security [pictured right], about how Dell EMC is ‘#1 In Everything, All in 1 Place’ and making the world safer. What are your thoughts regarding the unique value proposition that Dell EMC brings to the table in APJ?

(AH): Yes, Ken makes a great reference to Dell EMC's strength in the surveillance and security industry and I think this comes from the ability of Dell EMC to provide the complete stack of IT infrastructure needed to deliver a flexible, scalable and open platform for the critical security and surveillance applications to deliver the information needed to make the world safer.

(SSW): Are there any particular ‘wins’ and success stories you would like to tell us about?

(AH): Dell EMC has had some significant wins in the safe city and transportation sectors throughout the Asia Pacific region. Because of the nature of safety and security, our customers prefer not to be publically referenceable, but will discuss their best practice and experiences on a peer-to-peer basis. Safe Cities in India, Vietnam and Korea; airports in Australia, Singapore, China; and metro rail in China, Australia and Japan are all customers of Dell EMC and we can facilitate industry references when required.

(SSW): We read with great interest a recent announcement about Dell EMC’s launch of its new Integrated Partner Program. May we have an overview of Dell EMC’s key ecosystem partners in APJ?

Click here to download your copy of the Transport Security and Saftey Expo 2018 Brochure(AH): Dell EMC has a close partnership with the key security and surveillance partners in APJ. Many are listed in our partner validation We also work closely with many in-country security system integrators (SI) as APJ has such diversity in language, customs and business conditions. We must be flexible to our customers and partners’ needs as there is certainly not a ‘one partner fits all’ in APJ and we recognize this.

(SSW): Can we talk for a moment, Andrew, about Dell EMC Surveillance Validation Labs… what role does this singularly unique capability serve to assure successful implementations?

(AH): The Dell EMC Surveillance Validation Labs provide one of our key value propositions. We work with the key global partners in the security and surveillance industry to install, test and provide validation of their software application working in the most optimised configuration with the Dell EMC infrastructure. Frank McCarthy, our CTO, is in charge of our labs ensuring an engineer to engineer relationship with our eco partners and in collaboration, produces architectural white papers, sizing and configuration documentation. This provides our key partners and Video Management Software (VMS) vendor, partners and customers with peace of mind that the prescribed solution has been tested and validated prior to installation and commissioning.

(SSW): Can you tell us about Dell EMC’s Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) business?

(AH): Dell EMC can also provide OEM for our key security and surveillance partners (customers in this instance) to help grow and develop their businesses. Dell EMC can leverage our experience in building key components in infrastructure and leverage our logistic expertise to become part of our customers’ value chain. This can allow our customers to focus on their core expertise in security applications, intelligent security software and marketing, while Dell EMC can assist in delivering the most optimised hardware and support structure.

(SSW): Thanks again for joining us today, Andrew. Are there any other subjects you'd like to highlight?

(AH): It’s been a pleasure chatting today. Perhaps I can summarise by saying that Dell EMC is striving to enable surveillance transformation for reduced risk and to help make the world a safer place.

The original SecuritySolutionsWatch.com post can be read here.

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