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Rockwell Collins strengthens transit with proven cybersecurity solutions.

Posted on 17-Oct-2017 18:41:51

Rockwell Collins cybersecurity solutions“We’ve designed our solutions to reduce the risk and impact of cyberattacks, helping ensure passenger safety, securing rail infrastructure and helping to enable business continuity.”

US aviation, rail and critical infrastructure company, Rockwell Collins, is helping a major transit company keep the risk of cyberattack at bay by supplying cybersecurity solutions that bolster passenger safety and protect rail infrastructure.

Rockwell Collins was not in a position to name the transit company when it released details of the work last week, which began with a detailed assessment of its existing systems.

Rockwell Collins.jpgRockwell Collins offers on-site and hosted cybersecurity centres and employs a phased approach when implementing cybersecurity systems. The company’s portfolio of services also includes hardening systems, cyber monitoring as well as ongoing maintenance that was specifically developed with rail companies in mind.

The latest service, Rockwell Collins Rail Cybersecurity services, uses the company’s existing high-availability private network to securely transfer data for hundreds of airlines and a variety of critical infrastructure customers worldwide. The company’s vice president of Surface Transportation and Critical Infrastructure Systems, Ken Schreder, said it was helping organisations to protect their critical infrastructure by fending off cyberattacks “including those in the rail industry”.

Ken Schreder of Rockwell Collins“We’ve designed our solutions to reduce the risk and impact of cyberattacks, helping ensure passenger safety, securing rail infrastructure and helping to enable business continuity,” said Schreder.

Rockwell Collins has built a portfolio of products designed specifically for the rail industry including integrated train control and traction power, SCADA; a predictive arrival/departure system; rail systems design, integration and commissioning programme; and ARINC RailwayNet, a shared positive train control solution for short line and commuter rail networks.

Giving more context on protecting rail, Rockwell Collins has produced a white paper called The State of Cybersecurity in the Rail Industry. The 11-page document gives details on the risks, the company’s Cybersecurity Center of Excellence approach to tackling the crime and how to integrate physical and cybersecurity.

Though experienced in developing systems that protect rail infrastructure, Rockwell Collins specialises in providing systems and services for the aviation industry and military customers worldwide.

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