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Nominet enlisted by Great Western Railway in fight against cyber-attacks.

Posted on 06-Dec-2017 12:04:16

Nominet has teamed up with Great Western Railway.jpg"Security threats are no longer something that happens to somebody else and enterprises are looking for increasingly fast and flexible ways to bring the latest cyber security solutions on board."

The internet and security company, Nominet, has been recruited by UK rail franchise Great Western Railway (GWR) to protect digital assets and mitigate the risk of malicious attacks on its infrastructure. GWR has called on the services of Nominet’s DNS Cyber Security Services team as part of an overall security strategy to monitor, analyse and support responses to incidents across its rail network.

The technology responsible for protecting one of the UK’s biggest rail franchises is Nominet’s purpose-built DNS analytics turing platform. The technology, which has already located and isolated a virus for GWR, ingests up to one million security and network events a second.

The partnership is deemed particularly necessary for a company like GWR because so much of its infrastructure is spread over a wide distance, a factor that makes detecting potential cyber-attacks problematic. GWR’s long-distance network connects London Paddington with 270 stations across Wales and England that covers a distance of more than 1,300 miles.

Great Western Railway has teamed up with Nominet

Nominet’s service enables GWR to harden its infrastructure through the use of alerts, regular reports and meetings to help identify and shut down malicious behaviour before it can take hold. Areas covered by the turing platform include spikes in traffic and security events analysis, identification of infected domains and indicators of likely cyber-attacks, such as malware, phishing and data exfiltration.

“Nominet’s turing service has already identified the Conficker virus on GWR’s ticketing machines,” said Barry Seed, IT network and security manager at GWR. “Thanks to Nominet’s timely alert of this virus and by having the right security system in place, GWR was able to avoid a time-consuming and potentially costly virus from causing significant damage.”

Simon McCalla, CTO of Nominet said that with the proliferation of mobile devices made the security issue a challenging one. “Security threats are no longer something that happens to somebody else and enterprises are looking for increasingly fast and flexible ways to bring the latest cyber security solutions on board. Our Cyber Security Services team can deliver just that and by deploying turing, Nominet can understand billions of data packets in seconds, making it easier to spot trends and suspicious events.”

Click here to get your copy of the Transport Security and Saftey Expo 2018 BrochureThe issue of the cyber-attacks against rail companies was brought into sharp focus in August 2017, when Deutsche Bahn were the victims of a Trojan-style attack that is unlikely to have escaped GWR’s attention. The malware virus, which had ransom demands that were displayed on Deutsche Bahn’s passenger information screens, also infected Russian and Chinese state rail operators.

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