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Melbourne boosts its metro security with 100-terabyte CCTV infrastructure.

Posted on 19-Jun-2018 14:35:10

CCTVAustralia’s second-largest city, Melbourne, is set to upgrade its Metropolitan Rail Service (Metro Trains) security infrastructure to help power the secure networks that support CCTV and video systems for its passengers.

In a bid to safeguard their passengers, the city’s rail network will overhaul its legacy system to an Ethernet alternative that will deliver “an agile, adaptive, and secure network”. Built and installed by Extreme Networks, the Metro Trains technology platform will work across the network, helping protect more than 500,000 passengers whom travel on the 16-line, 219-station every day.

Metro Trains CCTV coverage is among the state's largest and houses at least one camera on every station platform and in every train carriage – totally more than 9,000. As a result of the upgrade to Extreme Networks’ system, Melbourne’s transport network will be able to transmit even more by upping its capacity of round-the-clock operation to more than 100 terabytes of video traffic a day – the equivalent of 20,000 high definition films streaming at the same time.

“Extreme Networks is committed to helping Metro Trains build a reliable, secure network to underpin its CCTV infrastructure,” said Chris Georgellis, managing director of Extreme Networks, Australia and New Zealand.

SMW Download - Understanding the Key Threats and Trends in Transport Safety and Security “Metro Trains operates one of the most sophisticated and geographically-dispersed networks in the country and this a real showcase of Extreme's capabilities,” adding that Melbourne’s network now has the capability to meet the demanding security requirements as the size of the network increases.

In related news, Auystralia’s largest city, Sydney, has announced that it will invest around £500 million ($880 million AUS) in modernising the technology on its Sydney Trains network to increase capacity. The upgrades, which will include signalling upgrades, will allow the city to increase its capacity in certain areas by a reported 80% during peak periods.

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