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Meet the Star Wars-inspired robot increasing security and lowering costs.

Posted on 06-Apr-2018 11:14:48

C3-XPO autonomous robot“We’ve been able to achieve 100% external security at our Atlanta site, while delivering significant savings for our customer.”

The look of security at airports, train stations and borders could be set for a change if two US technology companies have their way, and it comes in the shape of an autonomous robot fitted with smart cameras and detection capabilities that can save the companies using them money.

With a name that bears a resemblance to the gold humanoid robot from the Star Wars franchise, like C-3PO this weatherproof, five-foot tall white version, C3-XPO, can move around unaided and is fitted with state-of-the-art surveillance tech. It isn’t yet, however, fluent in over six million forms of communication.

C3-XPO, which has been developed by US companies XPO Logistics and Knightscope, has even begun to earn its keep, patrolling the @XPOLogistics’ car park, spotting threats, providing a presence and saving more than £90,000 ($125,000) in the process by cutting back on traditional security services.

According to XPO, the robot has wide-ranging capabilities that protect staff, vehicles and the building by employing its 360-degree high-definition and low light cameras. Backed up by two terabytes of storage, it also the ability to sound visual and audible alarms to deter potential criminals by detecting loitering cars or fires with its thermal-imaging sensors.

“We’re taking the lead in integrating emerging technology throughout our business, including lesser-known areas such as security. By working with @iKnightscope to deploy C3-XPO, we’ve been able to achieve 100% external security at our Atlanta site, while delivering significant savings for our customer,” said Troy Cooper, chief operating officer at XPO Logistics.

In news that will make security guards across the world fear for their jobs, C3-XPO is fitted with people-detection technology and automatic number plate recognition, known as ANPR in the UK, and can direct people to emergency exits and evacuation routes in an incident situation. While a two-way communication system allows operators working at a safe distance to talk directly with potential threats.

Click here to get your copy of the Transport Security and Saftey Expo 2018 BrochureIn related news that could threaten the security of all robots, a security advice company last month published evidence that ransomware attacks could be carried out, potentially leading to companies losing sensitive data and being handed costly repair bills. Carried out by IOActive, the company said it has found 50 vulnerabilities in robots that could be exploited by cyber criminals, allowing them to “manipulate the flaws found in these robots to spy via the robot's microphone and camera, leak data, or cause serious physical harm,” wrote Alex Barnsbee on the IOActive blog, Robots Want Bitcoins Too!

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