Global air passenger numbers continue to rise, fuelled in part by aviation infrastructure investment in developing destinations and regions such as ASEAN. According to the latest research from the International Air Transport Association, global passenger traffic increased by 4.6% between January 2014 and January 2015. 

The consensus among industry experts is that introducing improvements in air travel connectivity can be a key driver for economic growth. Accordingly, many countries are looking towards investment in airport infrastructure with the belief that it will attract interest from trade partners and tourist visitors alike. 

Balancing the requirements of airport operators and the needs of the global passenger while protecting people and property in the face of multiple safety and security threats is therefore a growing challenge. This white paper examines emerging best practice in airport surveillance and security, highlighting the benefits, considerations and opportunities such as:

  • The importance of situational awareness
  • Managing big data
  • Pre-arrival detection and protection
  • Data-driven departures support
  • Intelligently integrated arrivals
  • Scalability & maximising investment