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How a new partnership is harnessing blockchain technology to improve port security.

Posted on 06-Sep-2017 12:03:19

How a new partnership is harnessing blockchain technology to improve port security.Data platform NxtPort and the Antwerp-based startup T-mining have joined forces to try and make our ports safer as well as more efficient by using blockchain technology. In a first phase the collaboration will focus on securely transferring as well as releasing containers, however the partners see this as only the first in a series of opportunities to connect the port community through blockchain. NxtPort wants to unite the entire port community around a unique data platform that stimulates logistical as well as technological innovations - in order to turn our ports into technological world leaders. T-mining works on uniting the different links in the logistical chain through the very promising blockchain technology. The collaboration between both partners should further speed up innovation in the Flemish ports. 

Pioneer blockchain for the supply chain

Through co-creation between port community and technological players, NxtPort is strongly focusing on innovative technologies such as blockchain.” says Hans Verbeeck ( @hansver ), the CTO of NxtPort. “Blockchain is unique in that it is a decentralized system in which not a single person or organisation owns the data. In particular within a complex logistical chain with many links and multiple interactionsblockchain has huge potential. T-mining is a true pioneer in the field of blockchain, making it obvious we cooperate with them closely.”

Blockchain renders data fraud impossible

In a first phase, NxtPort and T-mining will work together on a more secured release of the millions of containers entering our ports. “Blockchain can solve many of the current security problems” clarifies Nico Wauters - founder of T-Mining. “Blockchain allows the reliable and secure transfer of rights from one party to another. This means pincodes will become obsolete - they can be stolen or hacked. In contrast, smart contracts that have been closed via blockchain will guarantee that only the right person will be able to retrieve the right container. By decentralising the data, storing it as a chain and validating any new transaction via consensus, we can be sure the data has not been manipulated. Blockchain renders data fraud impossible.” 

NxtPort will function as access point for T-Mining’s blockchain technology, and will equally make it accessible on the data platform. In that way, developers can link it to other technologies and in turn build new applications on it. “Our cooperation will far much beyond secure container release”, say Hans Verbeeck en Nico Wauters. “Blockchain can be equally useful to transfer documents, map the physical flow of a container - from departure to arrival - or settle the accompanying financial transactions. The possibilities are nearly endless.”  

NxtPort and T-mining will present the first results of their partnership at ‘NxtPort - The Next Level’ community event. This will take place on October 11th at Fosbury & Sons. More information as well as registration through the NxtPort website.

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