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"This was a great conference bringing all sectors of transportation together. With the mixture of presenters, we were able to see similarities of each sector and those that were different and sector specific." - April Danos, IT Director, Greater LaFourche Port Commission, LA


"Great event and good mix of presentations from a wide range of organizations from the transportation world focusing on safety, security and technology." - Frank Ibe, Head of Line Operations and Performance, Transport for London


"A well planned conference with valuable presentations and sponsors/ exhibitors that kept my interest throughout." -Patrick Sullivan, Federal Railroad Administration


"Great assembly of experienced transportation professionals" - Jim Hopkins, Chief Safety Officer, City of Ottawa


"Good conference with useful material." - Richard Jorgenson, Senior Analyst, U.S. Government Publishing Office


"Event organization was outstanding! I look forward to particpating in future programs." - Will Lusk, Program Specialist for Policy, AASHTO


"This event has been great. The speakers and workshops I attended were excellent." - Norman Gross Jr., Program Support Assistant, District Department of Transportation


"We got high quality presenters that have described where cybersecurity stands in their agenda, how they communicate to make sure it gets proper attention, how they integrate it in their operations, and challenges they face. It was a fast paced event and I collected a lot of information." - Erik Michaud, Control and monitoring system, Bombardier


 "A well-paced highly interactive event" - Edward Abel Jr, Director Operational Safety, SEPTA


"High power speakers with great Industry Intelligence. Well done."

Matthew Brightbell, Manager of Supply chain investigations, TJX


“Excellent experience”

Arnicia Johnson, Deputy Chief, IT Security Officer , Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority

“Great conference and a good focus on cyber security”

Sheila Holmes, Lead Technology Auditor, Amtrak


Doug Storer, CEO & founder, Night Tech Gear

"You can literally meet several key people in the industry in a few hours that would otherwise take months."

William Whitford, Director of Business Development, Wabtec Corporation 


"Highlights the multidimensional nature of railway safety and the fact that technology alone will not provide solutions."

Sally Goldin, Director, Heurika Geographics Pte Ltd.


"Excellent - prime topics for the problems and solutions that the industry is facing."

Katherine Hagaman, Rail Safety Program Manager, Battelle