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  • Realiabotics - logo
  • Piper Networks
    Piper Networks
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  • SleepSafe Drivers - website
    Sleepsafe Drivers
  • Cylus at Transport Security Congress
  • Celplan
    CelPlan CelPlan Technologies has rapidly established itself as an innovative leader in providing the most advanced engineering solutions for the wireless industry. CelPlan deploys specialized communication networks for transportation and energy industries, as well as turnkey public and private video surveillance networks. CelPlan surveillance networks have been deployed in tens of Cities in the USA, colleges and private enterprises. CelPlan has designed and supported the deployment of several smart energy networks. CelPlan deployed key track-side networks that provide high capacity communications to trains and is offering a full intra- train communication solution.
  • GoTenna - website

    goTenna Pro X is the world’s smallest, lightest, most cost-effective tactical communications device that powers 100% off-grid connectivity and works with leading situational awareness apps like ATAK. Without being connected to cell, wifi or satellite, Pro X tactical radios can be used with our native smartphone app and include a plugin-in for Android Team Awareness Kit (ATAK) with support for advanced features, including team tracking, collaborative mapping, and chat messaging. The modular, lightweight approach pushes the edge of connectivity, and Pro X units can be attached to UAVs to extend signal range or set to relay mode and dropped along complex RF and cellular-denied environments. 

  • Mindshare
    Mindshare CSS-Mindshare, a subsidiary of Communication Systems Solutions, Inc (CSS), is totally managed from Lincoln, Nebraska. Sales, Marketing, Engineering, Technical Support, and Manufacturing are all located in the heart of the USA.

    The Mindshare Console System, designed to overcome the limitations of legacy and first-generation VoIP systems, provides new system capabilities, features, and a wide variety of ra-dio system interfaces, including full P25 compliance.

    The result is a true Second-Generation VoIP Radio Dispatch Platform supporting existing ra-dio systems with a migration path to today’s state of the art digital systems. Mindshare is a
    responsive company that listens to its customers, works with them on a personal level, and is committed to their success with its products.
  • IDS group - website
    IDS group
  • OTN Systems
    OTN Systems

    OTN Systems is a leading supplier of mission-critical telecommunications solutions tailored for rapid mass transit and railways. OTN Systems has served the industry for decades and accumulated a wealth of experience. Its hunger for the newest and the latest, its out of the box thinking capabilities and the can-do mentality has resulted in innovative products and market leadership.

    The OTN Systems network solutions offer you the most reliable and easy-to-use systems available on the market. The company’s product line XTran is the first railway-grade communications network based on MPLS-TP Technology (Multi Protocol Label Switching-Transport Profile). It’s designed from day one with the requirements of the railway industry in mind. XTran is a flexible, state-of-the-art product allowing customers to go full packet. Its underlying MPLS-TP technology avoids the complexity of generic telecom solutions developed for service providers. XTran secures reliable operations in harsh environments while its management system (TXCare) supports an intuitive and simple handling. XTran makes MPLS for Operational Telecom easy.

    With its unique portfolio and more than 500 satisfied customers in 75 countries, OTN Systems promises you peace of mind when it comes to mission critical networking: OTN Systems is committed to get your information across.

  • CSO Alliance
    CSO Alliance
  • Center for Internet Security
    Center of Internet Security
  • Mass Transit
    Mass Transit
  • Waterfall at Transport Security Congress
  • Noggin at the Transport Security Congress

    Meet Noggin: the market leading cloud-based software platform for enterprise resilience. Go beyond and manage emergency and risk management, work safety, business continuity and crisis management, all in one suite of software products. Happy users. Open APIs. ESRI mapping integration. Noggin workflows help mitigate hazards during “business as usual” incident management and connect the dots during major events and emergencies. For more information, please visit: www.noggin.io

  • Indigo Vision at Transport Security Congress
    Indigo Vision