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Hear from the industry's leading figures at Transport Security Congress

Timothy Weston
imothy Weston
Cyber Security Policy Coordinator
Transportation Security Administration

Ken Hylander - websiteKen Hylander
Executive Vice President and Chief Safety Officer

Ricardo Karakadze
Ricardo Karakadze
Director, Maritime Security
Carnival Corporation & PLC

Patrick Warren - website
Patrick Warren
Chief Safety Officer
MTA New York

Gene Sun

Gene Sun
Corporate Vice President, Chief Information Security Officer and Risk Management
FedEx Corporation

John Neibling - website
John Niebling
Regional Manager Corporate Security
JetBlue Airways

 Jayne Deno
Jayne Deno
Chief HR Officer

Gary WadeGary Wade
Vice President of Security
Atlas Air

Cameron Naron - website
Cameron Naron
Office of Maritime Security, Maritime Administration (MARAD)

Yves Monfort
Yves Monfort

Chief of Safety and Security Division
Port Miami

Kyle Malo
Kyle Malo
Chief Information Security Officer

City of Ottawa
Jim Hopkins
Chief Safety Officer
Transportation Services Department, City of Ottawa

Mike Krygier

Mike Krygier
Deputy CISO – Urban Infrastructure
City of New York

Ernest Piper

Ernest Piper
Chief Mechanical Officer
Keolis Commuter Services

First AmericaJason Blumenauer
Senior Director of Security
First Group America 

Government Accountability Office

Susan Zimmerman
Assistant Director, Physical Infrastructure
Government Accountability Office

Frank Ibe - website 23
Frank Ibe
Head of Line Operations & Performance
Transport for London

Jose Aragu
Jose Aragu
Miami - Dade Police Department

Casey Hehr
Casey Hehr
Director of Security
Port of Long Beach

Hilary Konczal - website
Hilary Konczal
Chief Safety & Environmental Officer
Metra Commuter Rail

Manuel Guaderrama
Manuel Guaderrama
Director of Security
San Diego Metropolitan Transit System

Soundtransit logo - websiteStephen Tucker
Deputy Director, Public Safety

John Young
John Young
Director of Freight and Surface Transportation Policy
American Association of Port Authorities

Yonathan Klijnsma - website
Yonathan Klijnsma
Threat Researcher

Jo Strang
Jo Strang
Vice President- Safety and Regulatory Policy ASLRRA

Ryan Chelski
Ryan Chelski
Senior Security Specialist, Public Safety Division

Brandon Porter - website
Brandon Porter
System Security Manager

Keith MillhouseKeith Millhouse
Millhouse Strategies

Mark Sutcliffe - website
Mark Sutcliffe
CSO Alliance

Chris Hart - website
Chris Hart
Former Chairman
National Transportation Safety Board

JJ Williams - website
JJ Williams
Fiber Optic Sensing Association

Mohammad Yousef-1
Mohammad Yousef
Chapter President, CS2AI, Former Chief Engineer Cyber Security
Roads and transport Authority Dubai

Mischa Wanek Libman - website
Mischa Wanek Libman
Executive Editor
Mass Transit

Sarah Searcy - websiteSarah Searcy
Programme Manager, Bicycle and Pedestrian Institute for Transportation Research and Education

Michael Lowder-1
Michael Lowder
Michael W. Lowder & Global Associates

Curtis Levinson-1
Dr Curtis Levinson
US Cyber Defense Advisor

Robert Hanczor

Robert Hanczor
Piper Networks

ReliaboticsSenior Representative