June 11-12th 2018, Washington DC
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An expo focused on industry collaboration across:

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Our advisory board members...

Dedicated to making mass transit and cargo safe and secure for all, we bought together a fantastic advisory board to help us create an agenda that was suited to you. Our advisers include...

David Nordell
Senior Vice President 
Chris McGranahan
Enterprise Security Architect Director
Susan Becker
Global Marketing Manager
Viswa Panicker
Chief Enterprise Architect
Joffrey Lauthier 
Global Head of Rail
William Watkins
Head of Transportation Practice
Doug Wylie
Director, Industrials & Infrastructure Portfolio
Mark Grant
Chief Information Security Officer

Who is involved?

Here's what the industry has to say about TSSX...

The transportation industry is rapidly digitizing, leading to greater risks and potential impacts from cyber and physical events. Understanding how to better safeguard operations and protect critical networks and infrastructure from damage is paramount, and opportunities like TSSX18 that bring the industry together for training and solutions are welcomed by SANS.
Doug Wylie, Director, Industrials & Infrastructure Portfolio, SANS Institute
Highlights the multidimensional nature of railway safety and the fact that technology alone will not provide solutions.
Sally Goldin, Director, Heurika Geographics Pte. Ltd.
Excellent - prime topics for the problems and solutions that the industry is facing.
Katherine Hagaman, Rail Safety Program Manager, Battelle
You can literally meet several key people in the industry in a few hours that would otherwise take months.
William Whitford, Director of Business Development, Wabtec Corporation
A well-paced highly interactive event.
Edward Abel Jr, Director Operational Safety, SEPTA

Who is Sponsoring?

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