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DDoS cyber attack cripples Danish Rail’s ability to sell tickets.

Posted on 14-May-2018 15:25:19

DDoS attack cripples Danish Rail’s ability to sell tickets. (Pic courtesy of PIxabay ) Danske Statsbaner (DSB) the largest Danish train operating company, and the biggest in all of Scandinavia has been the victim of a significant Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) cyber attack. The company has confirmed that this attack was the cause of passengers being unable to buy tickets yesterday (13th May) via the company’s app, ticket machines, website and in shops. This issue was resolved this morning DSB has confirmed. Passengers with travel cards were able to use them, while others purchased tickets from ticket inspectors on board trains.

“Our technicians and IT contractors have analysed this closely during the night and have concluded this is an outside attack in which someone has attempted to bring our system down,” DSB vice-director Aske Wieth-Knudsen told journalists.

A Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attack is an attempt to make an online service unavailable by overwhelming it with traffic from multiple sources.

Reported in The Local, the attack also hit DSB Internal mail and telephone, rendering the company able to communicate via social media or provide staff or customers with further information. A similar issue earlier this year was caused by an electronic failure rather than a cyber attack.

“They type of attack we saw yesterday is a new way of doing things that we [DSB, ed.] haven’t seen before. So a little more close analysis is required for us to see what exactly happened so we can prevent a re-occurrence,” Wieth-Knudsen told DR.

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In October 2017, DDoS attacks hit Sweden's transportation network causing delays to operations. They crashed the IT system that monitors trains' locations as well as taking down email systems, websites, and road traffic maps. Customers during this time were unable to make reservations or receive updates on the delays, BleepingComputer reported citing local Swedish news reports.

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