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Latest news and features...

Rail-safety systems: A look at technology and how it's making transport more secure

Everything you need to know about the threat of cybersecurity, with Amir Levintal, CEO of Cylus

Transportation security and the scale of the challenge: Our latest infographic.

Free Industry Guide: Understanding the Key Threats and Trends in Transport Safety and Security.

Tokyo to boost rail and metro security for 2020 Olympics with 22,000 CCTV cameras.

5 Minutes With… JJ Williams chairman of the Fiber Optic Sensing Association.

UK accelerates autonomous cyber security plan with publication of new report.

5 Minutes With… Mike Ellenbogen, CEO at Evolv Technology.

London Gatwick suspends all flights after drones detected in flight over airport runway.

British Airways recommences flights to Pakistan – a decade since its last.

Good Security = Good Business says UK government, as it launches anti-terrorism vehicle strategy.

A bark worse than their byte: the digital canines that could one day patrol India’s airports.

Singapore introduces random security passenger screening at 6 MRT stations.

Expert view: The push towards the widespread adoption of autonomous transport technology.

Watch: China opens Hong Kong-Zhuhai bridge – the world’s longest sea crossing.

The mobile IBM training centre that's equipping a global audience against cyberattacks.

US government prepares to “transform mobility” with new autonomous vehicle strategy.

Free White Paper: a new approach to protecting mission-critical assets from cyberattacks.

New report: UK government sets out possible no-deal Brexit scenario for transport.

Expert view: The aviation security challenges that, if overlooked, could cause more than just a bumpy ride.

Transport cyber threat continues, as British Airways and Air Canada are both hit.

Eye Pods: Jaguar Land Rover’s vision for safer autonomous vehicles.

The UK government initiative to improve relations between drone and plane communities.

L.A. Metro stations echo airports, as the city adopts TSA-approved weapon scanners.

Raise prosecutions to lower alcohol-related violence on planes, pleads Civil Aviation Authority.

NCC Group and Moran pool resources to strengthen cyber security across maritime industry.

Edmonton International goes autonomous to bolster its airport security.

Relax US citizen immigration rules for shorter queues, pleads Heathrow boss.

London Heathrow trials CT scanners that could see end to 100ml bottle rule.

Singapore unveils transport security that will enable ‘quick and effective’ incident response.

SNCF reportedly strengthens passenger security with undercover 'train marshals'.

UK govt. announces takeoff for competition that's set to strengthen airport security.

EU announces revision its action plan for maritime security.

New product launched to protect vehicles from ransomware and other cyber attacks.

Melbourne boosts its metro security with 100-terabyte CCTV infrastructure.

How the simple spoon could help stop human trafficking at airports.

Blockchain-enabled, traceable ID tags: an extra layer of security for cargo.

Night Tech Gear introduce shoe lights to illuminate a safer workplace.

Eurocontrol invites Thales aboard to strengthen air traffic cyber security in Europe.

Industry Guide, now published: The key threats and trends in transport safety and security.

As deadline nears, FRA issues $250M funding opportunity for PTC projects.

American buyers of European rail tickets suffer three month data breach.

DDoS cyber attack cripples Danish Rail’s ability to sell tickets.

Uber hires ex-NTSB supremo as reports see software error causing fatal March crash.

Watch: Singapore bolsters border security with powerful new x-ray technology.

Sweden looks to Build Build Build security and defence for Duterte's Philippines.

TSA screens 72m+ passengers and crew during record-breaking Spring travel season.

UK warns of cyberattacks from "hostile" Russia that could target transport.

Expert view: Why Great Western Railway shouldn't be derailed following data breach.

Airline security a cause for concern, as Delta reveals 2017 cyberattack.

Biometric airport checks to become "commonplace" ahead of passenger number surge.

Meet the Star Wars-inspired robot increasing security and lowering costs.

Illinois works to cut level crossing incidents with £138m initiative.

Blackberry and Jaguar sign deal to safeguard autonomous vehicles of the future.

5 Minutes With… Michael Lowder from the U.S. Department of Transportation.

Four-company consortium develops new blockchain system to secure shipping data.

US and UK streamline airline boarding process with biometric checks.

Read about the software improving border security with the power of data analytics.

5 Minutes With… Kristina Tanasichuk, CEO of the Government Technology & Services Coalition.

The tech under development to secure the autonomous vehicles of the future.

Symantec warns of "heightened ambitions" of Iranian hackers targeting Middle East.

UK government pledges £1.8m to "lead the way" in airport security.

What is the scale of the transportation security challenge?

Bomb detection technology to begin trial at New York’s Penn Station.

Uber responds to criticism with enhanced safety, security and reporting features.

RENFE invests in upgrading security systems on 195 suburban stations in Barcelona and Madrid.

Bulletproof walls, drones and 1,500 security staff: Cape Town's plan to make its network safer.

£2.41tn of cyberattack risk, global hotspots and other threats revealed in alarming new report.

Improve collaboration to overcome cyberattacks, say transportation security leaders.

Security mistakes largely unchanged in a decade leave companies open to attack, warns transport CISO.

Read about the system built to accommodate the vast flow of travellers despite increasing security threats.

“Train attacks are no longer science fiction,” declares startup after raising $4.7M to protect rail and metro from cyberattacks.

Expert View: Five reasons why airlines and airports face a big risk of cyberattacks and what can be done about them.

Transport needs to adopt new strategy to protect cyber surveillance data, says UK security chief.

IBM and Maersk launch joint venture to apply blockchain to global trade networks.

The World Economic Forum report to tackle cybersecurity – one of modern era's 'most pressing' threats.

Historic United Arab Emirates intelligence-sharing agreement promises improved airline security.

Four pieces of technology and research that could change the face of security and defence.

Virginia mass transit to implement collision avoidance systems on 50 buses. 

2017 was the safest year in aviation history; though caution urged on remarkable figures continuing. 

Season's greetings from the Transport Security World team!

UK government predicts the future of roads: self-charging cars and incident-reporting drones.

US Congress expresses concern over increasing lengths of freight trains.

Fibre Optic Acoustic Detection: protecting rail staff, assets, and infrastructure.

Pakistan strengthens maritime security with six-vessel China deal.

Nominet enlisted by Great Western Railway in fight against cyber-attacks.

No key? No problem for the most modern car thieves.

Legislation to "restore, revamp, and resource" transport security in the US announced.

US transport operator averts hack demanding $8k Bitcoin ransom.

Security in Asia Pacific and Japan: an interview with Dell EMC's Andrew Hubble.

The three transport authorities that are securing their networks using the latest technologies.

Canada tightens rules on powders at airports, but relaxes laws on blades.

Expert View: Lessons learned from the latest ransomware attacks - make short work of them.

5 Minutes With… Irra Ariella Khi, CEO and co-founder of VChain Technology.

Sweden edges towards geo-fencing terrorism deterrent.

Intel's Mobileye develops formula to improve autonomous vehicle safety.

Continental agrees reported $400m deal with autonomous vehicle pioneers.

Rockwell Collins strengthens transit with proven cybersecurity solutions.

UK government to propose fines for essential service operators with poor cyber-security.

Drones to help Keolis and the MBTA overcome ‘slippery-rail’ season in Boston.

5 Minutes With … Paul Green, Creative Director, Iotic-Labs.

US edges towards Mexico wall, with passing of $15bn bill.

Guard praised for calm as ‘doomsday preacher’ causes London rail delays.

Police figures show vehicle theft spike despite tech updates.

How technology alone cannot deliver a "frictionless" Northern Ireland-Ireland border.

Trump closes border to three more countries under extreme vetting measures.

Fit more train cameras to aid accident investigations, says US.

Australia plans biometric checks for workers at travel hubs.

How new sensory technology could strengthen our borders.

Canadian and German rail operators on both ends of spam attacks.

5 Minutes With… Ken Kyle, Rail Business Development Manager, Synectics.

Expert View: The threat of virtual terrorism against infrastructure is growing.

How a new partnership is harnessing blockchain technology to improve port security.

More Italian cities join London with measures to mitigate risk from terrorist attacks.

A.P. Moller-Maersk reveals $300m loss after Trojan-style cyber attack

Industry responds to Al-Qaeda’s instructions on building train derailment devices.

Seized and searched: the items passengers try sneaking past airport security

ISIS and climate change change chief concerns in 40,000-person survey

New York riders will see a "complete overhaul" to their subway in coming months.

Cybercrime and terrorism, the growing twin threats to rail and metro.

Why is one transit agency replacing camera decoys with real CCTV?

Pennsylvania could become the first transit system to deploy suicide prevention barriers.

Red signal faults could be reduced further thanks to Big Data software.

California, Florida, New York and 10 other US states will receive $197 million to fund PTC upgrades.

Rail operators among those falling victim to world’s biggest ever cyber-attack.

Expert View: Why a change is needed in rail industry thinking about cybersecurity.

Transport Canada invests in rail safety awareness projects worth $20 million.

Expert view: Combating the increasingly sophisticated digital threat to rail and metro.

Officials launch audit after new concerns that PTC won’t be ready by 2018.

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