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A bark worse than their byte: the digital canines that could one day patrol India’s airports.

Posted on 05-Dec-2018 15:11:00

Data securityThe detection skills of new type of robotic canine could be a common sight at Indian airports if plans from the country’s security division, the Central Industrial Security Force (CISF), come to fruition. According to the CISF, autonomous pooches capable of detecting explosives, along with weapons and drugs contained within passenger luggage will patrol Indian airports as part of the country’s concerted ongoing efforts mitigate the ongoing threat to aviation.

As reported in The Times of India, the CISF has predicted that they could one day replace the German shepherds, Labradors and Belgian Malinois that are currently used – images of the robotic dogs have yet to be released. India’s initiative follows in the footsteps of similar robot canines in place in the UK, US, Canada, Japan, and South Korea.

In related news, in Singapore moves have already been made there to protect transport hubs with robots after the Land Transport Authority (LTA) introduced an autonomous unit at one of its metro stations. Designed to complement, rather than replace, human security personnel, the 1.6m-tall robot is equipped with seven cameras that give the machine a 360-degree view of its environment. It comes seven months after Singapore stepped up security for traffic into and out of the country at the road border with Malaysia, bolstering it with state-of-the-art scanning technology in the form of a powerful x-ray scanner that can detect hidden compartments in cars that can be used to smuggle weapons and contraband.

The autonomous news from India and Singapore certainly reflects a global willingness to use robots to improve security. Transport Security World reported on a Star Wars-inspired robot that is being used by XPO Logistics in America to patrol its building and to report threats as they unfold. More than just providing security enhancements for the company, it also brings economy savings of more than £90,000 ($125,000) by cutting back on its traditional security services.

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